Balut vendor wins an investment talk against a networker

Nowadays, we can’t deny the fact that networking is being practiced everywhere and there are already too many networking companies that exist and there are still more that try to put up their own networking business.

As the number of people involved in this business is growing, they now try to find more ways of attracting new investors by using social media. After all, social media is now the most used method of communication and thousands of people can be reached with just one post.

However, not all people can be easily swayed with the promise of a better financial life by just investing a small amount of money. Just like this Balut vendor who was offered to join a networking company.

In a post shared by Mymar Inion, the networker started off their conversation by greeting the Balut vendor and asking him what his job was. After that, the eager networker then gave the offer of a better life with just an investment amounting to PHP 6,980 to which the Balut vendor politely declined saying that he does not have such amount of money.

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The networker then replied that the Balut vendor is missing his once in a lifetime chance to have a better life which is the usual mantra of those who join networking. The Balut vendor then asked if all those who joined networking had better lives. The recruiter confidently said yes.

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However, the Balut vendor had a contradictory argument, he said that if all those who join networking had better lives, then why does the one who asks him to join networking still works abroad despite having been part of a networking company for 3 long years.

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The words of the Balut vendor might have touched a certain part of the networking recruiter as he only replied with a like button from the long message of the Balut vendor.


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